Ready for What Lies Ahead?

It is no secret that the human race here on Earth has a desire to search for and make contact with other beings beyond our atmosphere. However back in 1976, when I saw my first “UFO”, I quickly realized that other people would denounce you as crazy if you said you saw such things. The overall population refuses to come to terms with the reality that other life forms exist and the clear connection between them and us.


I decided to be silent until now as times are beginning to change. Beliefs are shifting and more people are beginning to believe (or hope) for other beings.  In late 1997, a poll taken in USA showed more than fifty percent of Americans believed in “UFOs”.  Since then, there have more polls that put the figure at over eighty percent or more. Before continuing, I would like to point out, I dislike the phrase UFO and prefer GREATER BEINGS.


A trusted government official and friend of mine, whom I shared my information with, was surprisingly open to what I had to say.   He told me not very long ago, a colleague of his, who works within some kind of secret level said, “I know that you are a religious man, so this will be important for you.  I cannot say much, but I am telling you to watch within next years, how there will be a major increase in TV shows and movies about aliens and  various types of disasters.  This will be no coincidence or accident, since there is an explanation for it occurring.”


The reason for this increase in popular culture is because the whole human race is experiencing a NEW STATE of awakening. We have all shifted into a new consciousness that allows us to clearly feel a hovering presence throughout our planet. The Mayan calendar predicted this transition, however many failed to realize. We must harness our new AWAKENMENT and connect to our true creators. Our innate desire to find these other beings clearly demonstrates a mental and spiritual connection we have to these greater beings. Earth’s drastic change in weather have been unread signs, indicating this shift. 


Our culture constantly talks about experiences with GHOSTS, ANGELS and DEMONS. But we have not collectively realized that they all come from these GREATER BEINGS  


Top experts in other life beyond our planet believe these greater beings come from a higher dimension rather than planets within our universe. This is BECAUSE there are great similarities between our notion of “aliens” and spirits.  Those who do not believe or can comprehend this FACT have not been deemed ready to hear it by the powers-that-be.


The Heaven’s Gate cult is a crucial piece of evidence that this FACT is TRUTH.  In 1997, the members took their lives in hopes to board on a spaceship connected to the Hale-Bopp comet. Our culture called them lunatics, mentally unstable, and dumb, ignoring the fact that these members were scientists, engineers, and college professors! Their main belief was that they had to rid from their human body and travel by SPIRIT to board the spacecraft. They emphasized that in order to contact these greater beings they had to be in the same form. These beliefs have been reiterated many times by people who claim to have been abducted by these GREATER BEINGS!


There is a new “psychological” therapy called “Spirit Releasement.”  It is referred to as a form of “exorcism” that releases a spirit who has attached himself or herself to a human that craves various things, including “fear.” Psychologist claim this treatment is for spirits of humans who have passed but they are WRONG. These spirits are earthly forms of the great beings. This embodiment allows the greater beings to communicate with us and observe us. However, we unknowingly fight them with this exorcist when in reality we must welcome them! Many who have been abducted, by humans possessed by these greater beings say that the “aliens” are trying to help us. But despite this, modern day treatment for these abductees is brain-washing, which brings me to a government sector in charge of this treatment and the prevention of human spiritual evolution.  

UNIQUE PICTURE: Earth as seen from the outer S...

UNIQUE PICTURE: Earth as seen from the outer Solar System 

During my in-depth research to reveal the TRUTH, I discovered that our government is preventing us from making a spiritual connection and moving into a realm of ENLIGHTENMENT. There is an off-the-books project government project that reveals our government actually knows the TRUTH however, they decided (wrongfully) for us to prevent connection between the human race and the GREATER BEINGS. Our government doesn’t want us to discover our true ancestors and spiritual leaders in fear they will lose societal stability and religious following for the popular religion (which they receive abundant benefits from). General Roger Siddarski initiated this project to stop the GREATER BEINGS from contacting the mass public since he is a devoted Christian and does not want his god to be revealed as false. He is depriving us from reaching our true potential.   


For numerous years, these greater beings have been sending a repeated message to our human race, spoken through those who are embodies or abducted:” We are your makers.  We started your evolution.  You soon will make an important leap in your evolutionary development.  This development will be a SPIRITUAL one.  We soon will provide a hybrid being who will stand as your world leader.  He is important for you to reach the next level.  There are blinded people on your planet who will not “be ready” for this jump.  They will view your new leader as evil, even call him “the Antichrist.” To allow for your next step of evolution, you must deal with them in terms you see fit best.” 


What do you think it all means?

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Prepare yourself.